1. VEHICLE REQUEST: Please let us know what type of vehicle you require
2. We will discuss with you your vehicle requirements and your budget and advise you on what you can expect to purchase for your budget. Once a maximum price has been agreed we require you to deposit by T.T (Telegraphic Transfer) 30% of the maximum agreed value to our bank account in Japanese yen.
(1) Not required by New Zealand Licensed Motor Vehicle Traders By Pryor Arrangement.
(2) We will refund 100% deposit if the bidding is unsuccessful.
3. Upon successful purchase of a vehicle MYVEX INC will arrange shipping to your nearest port. At this point MYVEX INC will expect the balance of payment to be made by (T.T) in Japanese yen to our bank account.
4. Once we have confirmation of payment we will organize customs inspection and shipping at which point we will send you the vehicle de-registration (Export Certificate), Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading by air courier service all of which you will require when the vehicle arrives at your port.
< Competitive shipping rates to New Zealand >
MYVEX INC can also offer very competitive shipping rates through their
association with AUTOHUB Logistics. Please go to www.autohub.co.nz for
more information.

< Sailing information >
Toyofuji Shipping : http://www.toyofuji.co.jp/english/
Mitsui O. S. K. Line : http://www.mol.co.jp/menu-e.html
Armacup Maritime Service : http://www.armacup.co.nz

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Yahoo Finance : http://finance.yahoo.com/currency?u

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Auto Agency Imports : http://www.aacars.co.nz
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